Case Study: JRoss Recruiters


JRoss Recruiters is Canada’s leading retail and hospitality specialists. Providing prominent recruiting services across Canada for the past 10 years, it has evolved into a very successful company with a focus on delivering people who deliver results. Along with their transition to success, was an IT infrastructure in need of a major transition in order to provide reliable, centralized access to their systems.


Acquiring a sophisticated, redundant and highly available infrastructure can be a daunting task for even the largest of organizations. While JRoss needed to have a robust system, they did not want to go through the same process they went through previously – acquiring in-house hardware, software, and support, only to have to upgrade everything every few years. With agents spread across Canada, the location of the infrastructure was going to be critical, not to mention the costs to build and maintain a highly available infrastructure. They found that support over multiple time zones was crucial. With their recruiters “normal” hours being from 5AM-5PM PST, plus a lot of evenings and weekends, physical access to servers in case of a problem can be problematic in a non-hosted environment. If they were a regular Monday – Friday 9-5, company it wouldn’t be as big of an issue.


Over the past few years, Dyrand had created similar effective solutions with clients and developed a solution to solve these exact issues. For JRoss, simply designing a solution, selling the hardware and software and then providing support for the systems would only solve part of the problem. JRoss would still have the issues of finding a location for the infrastructure, accessing the necessary support, and then planning to repeat the process again in 4 years’ time.

Instead, Dyrand developed a solution to solve all of the problems by providing a highly available system located in a state of the art datacenter, eliminating the requirement to refresh all of the hardware and software every 4 years, containing costs while increasing flexibility to JRoss’s organizational needs, and reducing business risk.

Dyrand would host all key applications for JRoss in a highly redundant and available infrastructure in the state of the art data centre in Kelowna, provide the necessary hardware and software that was required on premise at JRoss’s head office, and provide a subscription based solution that moved the expenses from a cap-ex to an op-ex situation. The solution also included complete IT support for all of the systems. Dyrand would act as their “virtual IT department”, handling anything to do with IT, leaving JRoss to focus on their own business, instead of worrying about IT ever again.


The resulting solution proved to be highly successful. JRoss is no longer concerned with systems going down, and now enjoy system performance that far exceeds that of their previous environment. In addition to high availability and increased performance of the new infrastructure, JRoss can also sleep easy knowing that Dyrand is managing their entire infrastructure. Upgrades and changes are now the responsibility of Dyrand. Finally, JRoss can now easily budget for their IT for many years to come and scale it based on their growing company needs. It’s as simple as submitting a service request to Dyrand as they add new users, systems, and servers, etc. JRoss can now focus on their OWN business objectives and rely upon Dyrand as their dedicated IT provider.