Complete IT Services

Our Complete IT offering entails Dyrand running your IT requirements from top to bottom from our secure cloud-based datacenter. For those who prefer these costs to be an operating expense, we provide the hardware, software and support. This service package is ideal for growing businesses, seeking to streamline their IT operations while ensuring flexibility, scalability and security according to business growth and market conditions. This changes your IT expenses from a capital expense to an operating expense structure.

In addition to everything included in Managed IT, you’ll receive:

  • Subscription based support – where you pay per seat, location and data center capacity. Only pay more as you require more.
  • Reduced costs during economic slowdowns – we can turn down the systems and costs when your business requirements change.
  • Increased flexibility – as your business grows it’s easy to add new systems, and planning for growth is both simple and fast.
  • Cost restructuring – move from a fixed to a variable cost structure, making those variable costs more predictable.

In a competitive business world, it's essential that your IT operations are flexible, scalable and secure to grow accordingly with your business. It’s time to say goodbye to costly downtime and technology inefficiencies once and for all. Sign up for our Complete IT Services today!