Chief Information Officer (“CIO”)

Dyrand provides CIO level expertise to all of its clients. Quarterly reviews are performed, and their scope includes everything IT – from infrastructure, databases and communication networks, to documentation, hardware and software, and beyond. Dyrand tracks each and every activity of its clients, runs the necessary reports, and identifies and analyzes trends to help clients make informed decisions based on facts.

Dyrand spends a considerable amount of time and money ensuring we stay current on all IT advancements and technologies, thereby enabling us to offer sound advice that corresponds to clients’ business needs. To keep our company and individual certifications, we perform yearly upgrades with respect to all of our certifications.

We also spend a considerable amount of time learning about our clients’ businesses to support planning for future changes and upgrades, and we help our clients develop proper IT budgets as well. We work directly with the C-level people and always take a partnership approach to ensuring success. After all, the success of our clients also ensures the success of Dyrand – so we embrace the role of serving as a full service IT department.

Dyrand has clients in virtually every industry you can think of – from construction and manufacturing, to professional services such as finance and legal, and beyond. While the underlying foundation of systems for each industry is very similar, Dyrand works with each client to ensure its IT matches up with business requirements, not the other way around.

As the virtual IT department for each client, we manage all vendors associated with IT infrastructure, and we work with the client to get the documentation required to act as an agent and ensure that we can be the liaison to all vendors when necessary, thereby removing many time-consuming tasks from our clients’ ‘To Do’ list. We also track the performance of these vendors and make associated recommendations to support IT improvements.

As part of our CIO role, Dyrand participates and – in many cases – leads the way in terms of Strategic IT Planning & Management. It is our role to ensure that executives are aware of all possible solutions and risks associated with each option, which provides our clients with opportunities to make sound, educated decisions. It’s our goal to continually reduce the risk and complexity of our clients’ infrastructure, while at the same time increasing the reliability and redundancy of their systems.