Manufacturing, Aviation & Construction

Manufacturing, Aviation and Construction companies utilize many applications to run their businesses. That’s why Dyrand carefully analyzes the business requirement of each company to provide the desired outcome for its specific infrastructure needs. Firms in these industries typically adopt a hybrid solution where some of the applications are hosted in a cloud while others are kept in-house. Dyrand designs and builds these solutions to be fully integrated and seamless – thereby providing team members with the opportunity to be productive rather than worrying about where or how things are setup.

Some of the applications we host and/or manage include:

Camio, Catia, ICAM, Vantage, Velocity, Vericut, ISISWood, Great Plains, Autocad, Viewpoint, SAP, LabelView, and Prinergy

Dyrand is also a Controlled Goods Program ("CGP") certified company, which is mandatory for those companies that outsource their IT and are regulated under the CGP. The CGP regulates access to controlled goods in Canada, including International Traffic in Arms Regulations items.

Many CGP-focused companies are located outside cities, and they are ‘off grid’ as a result. Dyrand continually works with these companies and the telcos to design and implement cost-effective solutions, many of which do not include a hybrid type of cloud solution.