About Dyrand Systems

A success story

Who We Are

The fact is, most people only think about IT when something goes wrong. At Dyrand Systems, we’re always thinking about IT and always looking for ways to help our clients strategically plan for real returns on their technology investments.

We have always maintained the belief that we are our clients’ vCIO, and that every recommendation we make must pass one test: is it what we would do if it were our company?

We believe that your business requirements should drive your IT strategy, not the other way around, and ensure that the solutions we design have your business priorities as their priority. We also utilize many of the same tools, infrastructure, and processes as our clients, ensuring we can support them as efficiently as possible.

When developing an IT strategy based on a client’s business requirements, we work every day to live up to one of our critical values: ‘Focus on long-term solutions.’ While many of our competitors may focus on the best solution for their business, Dyrand Systems focuses on the best solution for each clients’ business.

We’re a proudly Canadian IT company providing service from coast to coast. No matter where you are, we’re able to service your IT needs. We offer professional IT solutions with a local community feel.