Non-Profit Organizations

Dyrand Systems' expertise can help non-profit organizations manage the dual challenges of ensuring their IT is running properly and securely, and the budget constraints that are their day-to-day reality.

Helping Your Organization Focus on What’s Important

All non-profit organizations know the challenge of keeping their systems running efficiently and securely, while at the same time, ensuring budgets are in check. Dyrand Systems understands that every dollar spent on IT is a dollar that can’t go to your organization’s purpose. We recognize this and assist our non-profit clients in balancing this challenge.

We Know Every Dollar Counts

By setting up organizations on the Microsoft platform—which provides generous discounts on all licensing and annual credits on the Azure cloud platform—we have helped many non-profits save thousands of dollars a year. We ensure that they are suitably registered and utilizing the licenses required to keep their systems running properly and securely.

We Understand What Non-Profits Need

Through our years of work with multiple non-profit organizations, we’ve acquired the knowledge to help support the applications they use, such as Raiser’s Edge, Sage Accounting, many Adobe applications, and of course, the full Microsoft suite of products.

We have also helped many non-profits move their systems to the cloud using the appropriate Microsoft products. This has reduced costs and increased flexibility, scalability, and predictability, and has allowed these organizations to focus on their core purpose, rather than worrying about their IT.


Your IT Partner

Dyrand Systems believes in truly becoming your IT partner—we always make the best recommendations for your non-profit organization, even if it means less revenue for us. For example, many Microsoft licenses are essentially free for non-profits, but we always recommend these as we understand you need to save every dollar possible. We are here for the long haul and will always have your best interests in mind.


Lean on Us

Our affordable solutions deliver support and infrastructure for all of the technology in your non-profit organization, freeing you from day-to-day IT hassles and concerns. We get that your work is your passion, and understand that you’ve got better things to spend your time on. Dyrand Systems can provide you with the peace of mind to let you focus on your work.

Key Processes

Key Processes

We provide key processes such as change control, configuration management, security roles, access management, reporting and audits. We ensure your systems are properly and proactively managed.