IT Services for Surrey from Dyrand Systems

Dyrand Systems is a proudly Canadian company offering IT solutions to our clients from Surrey to all provinces across Canada. We provide the highest level of IT expertise while striving to maintain a local community feel. We are a completely devoted member of our client’s team.

Many companies seem to make IT a priority when something goes wrong. We would like to take a proactive approach and work with you to anticipate appropriate requirements before they become problems.

Our IT solutions are driven by your business goals. Your success is our success. There should be a strong correlation between your growth and your investment in our technology services.

That means that we operate with the mindset that we are your CIO. Every recommendation is what we would want if we were part of your company.

We focus on what is good for your business in the long term, instead of what is good for our business in the short term.

The Industries We Serve in Surrey

We can serve a wide range of industries because of our unique ability to base them on your business.

  • Accounting – Financial data is critical. It doesn’t matter if you are a small, medium, or large company, accuracy is everything.
  • Construction – In this business, information must be where you need it. Virtual access is as important as storage space and security.
  • Financial Services – Financial information is a critical and guarded form of information, but it is all online. We can protect it and make it easy to access.
  • Insurance – Dyrand solutions are designed for confidentiality, integrity, and availability.
  • Non-Profit – Non-profit is a culture we embrace. An efficient IT department keeps an eye on budget ceilings.

Our Managed IT Services in Surrey

We provide highly valuable IT support to Surrey businesses because we structure our services around our client’s operations and deliver the best solutions for their business structure. We have the expertise to support several critical areas of your company’s operation, from high-level CIO capabilities, disaster recovery, and anti-virus software, to security system protection we are a custom fit for your company.


Dyrand Provides Surrey with Custom Managed IT Solutions

Our IT services are customized to your business and your industry in Surrey, and throughout Canada.